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It wasn’t until 2014 when Trident Lifeline Private Limited placed its first baby-steps into this hugely growing pharmaceutical world. Everywhere, when diseases run haywire, it’s often difficult to find a brand that is not only trustworthy but also reliably effective. Being internationally recognized, along with a certified WHO-GMP, ISO 9001:2008, Trident Lifeline Private Limited focuses mainly on retargeting and re-emphasizing, identifying, and commercializing products and medicines that shoot down the unmet medical needs of an individual.

When it comes to emphasizing healthcare, there include a plethora of activities that need addressing before proceeding further into the inception of medicinal help. Since its very genesis, Trident Lifeline Private Limited has served as an engaging portfolio of products and medicines that treat every restorative, therapeutic, cosmetic, and physiological need. With any disease comes an entire pipeline of healthcare products that should cure the symptoms along with the root cause of any illness. Trident Lifeline Private Limited’s raison d’etre has always been its unwavering commitment to patient care, buttressed with each of its employees’ willful participation and dedication. 




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Trident Lifeline Private Limited hasn’t just stopped by providing unprecedented drug discovery and serving the most efficient and effective drugs like Beta-lactam and Cephalosporin Anti-biotic. They have also been a flame holder in Anti-malarial, Anti-diabetic, Dental range, multivitamins, and NSAIDS medicines, all around CIS Countries and Africa. These are just a few things Trident Lifeline Private Limited has achieved by being the fastest growing pharmaceutical company, under its segment.

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Our Mission

To become a doyen in world-class pharmaceutical products and extend healthcare via unconventional thinking, and to develop the best in class therapeutics to heal the world a little more every day

Our Vision

To build a better tomorrow by enhancing modern medical science to encapsulate high-quality healthcare, cutting edge innovation, expand optimal pharmaceutical guidance, and touch lives with medical care every day.

Core Values

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Our Values


The very purpose of Trident Lifeline Private Limited is to create a sustainable and shared responsibility for co-existing in a harmonious and healthy workspace and lifestyle. Trident Lifeline Private Limited's commitment towards unswerving medicinal needs is well reflected upon its family


Each of our members bears a shared responsibility to innovate, create, and maintain a conducive balance while committing to the best of our products for the benefit of the pharmaceutical world.


Innovation and Inculcating the best nutrition and carefully curated elements into our products for effective healthcare

Integrity and Trust

Our moral values are the backbone of our organization. Manufacturing intelligently amalgamated elements into our products cause the quality to be par excellence. With our dedicated team always working to be the best and the leading brand in pharmaceuticals, we also strive to be the most reliable medicine supplier in the market.


Our registered branches are empowered to serve the best for our customers and are designed to be the cutting-edge centers for competitive innovation